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Email nurture campaign to welcome new subscribers


The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy wanted a way to keep new email subscribers warm and engaged. At the time, the school’s only consistent communication was a monthly newsletter about the latest policy research.


Caleb developed a welcome campaign that introduces new email subscribers to programming, stories, and impact across the organization. For 10 weeks, new subscribers receive a weekly email highlighting one thing about the school.

See all 10 emails below.


  • New email subscribers will be kept warm and engaged, primed for solicitations to donate time and money
  • The campaign will provide data on which stories resonate with readers, allowing opportunities to personalize content and optimize the campaign

Note: Unfortunately, the email campaign is not active due to circumstances outside of Caleb’s control.

skills required

  • Content strategy
  • UX writing
  • Email marketing
  • Email automation

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